Announcing CSA Day 2016!

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Hi CSA Farmers Everywhere!

We are excited to announce that CSA Day 2016 will be celebrated on Friday, February 26th, 2016.

CSA Day celebrates CSA farms in the United States, Canada, and internationally by bringing awareness to the work that you do as CSA farmers, educating eaters on CSAs, and explaining the importance of CSA farms in communities. We also encourage members to sign up for a CSA on that day, so it has the practical use that you can push people to sign up early in the year and get the capital you need to get started for the season.

February is a long way away, but we wanted to get a headstart on the planning process and have this idea in your head so you can be ready to promote the day when February comes!

Last year was the first CSA day and we put it all together in about 10 days. It was a big success with hundreds of CSA farms participating, lots of articles printed in newspapers around the country, and a big push on social media. One farm told us they sold 70 shares on CSA day alone!

To get involved for next year, there are two things you can do right now:

  1. Get in the directory: for the new CSA Day website, we are going to have a directory of participating CSA farms so that prospective members and journalists can find CSAs in their local area. Register for the directory by filling out this form:
  2. Think about the video contest: to promote the overall cause of CSA, we are running a video contest. The video must answer the question, "What does CSA mean to you?" and we'll have the public vote on their favorite video. The top video will win $1000. The deadline for videos is not until February, but if you want to start thinking about your concept and getting a little video footage from this season you can get a head start on that now. Find rules here.

In January, we will send out a promotional packet with lots of images, shareable press releases, and more that you can use to promote the day with your members and the rest of your tribe.

With more advance notice, we are hoping to make a big push to get CSA day covered on a national basis by the press. We are expecting a lot of traffic to the site and interest in the day, so make sure you are in the directory so your CSA can be found.

We are excited to promote your work and drive lots of new signups your way!

The most important thing is to have lots of farmers in our directory so we can tell the press "X,000 farms are participating in CSA Day". The more farms we have, the better story this will be. We would like to have a minimum of 1,000 CSA farms participating this year.

Here is that registration link again:

Please share this information with anyone else who should be involved. The CSA Day website is:

If you have any ideas for how to improve CSA day, further promote the day, or you just have a comment or question, send me an email and let's talk.

CSA Day Coordinator

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