Will Blue Apron (and other meal kit delivery) replace CSA farms?

Have you heard of Blue Apron? They deliver boxes of food with high-quality, pre-apportioned ingredients for specific recipes to eaters across the United States. Blue Apron and other "meal kit delivery" companies are proliferating and while I don't think they will replace CSA farms any time soon, it is a trend that we need to watch.

Earlier this summer, I signed up for Blue Apron to learn about these services and what is attractive about them to eaters. Most importantly, I wanted to learn from their success so I could share with you!

To me, it's clear that the overall marketplace is changing. In CSA, we will need to adapt to stay relevant. It is very important that we get this right, though. We must balance the changes we make in our CSA programs with the core of what has made CSA so successful over the last 30 years. I believe if we try to compete directly with grocery stores, grocery delivery, and the rest, as small, independent growers we will always lose.

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