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Farm Marketing from Zero

Cultivating Customers Everyone is in different stages of their business and their marketing plan, but here are answers for people starting at zero.

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CSA: We Have a Problem

Abandoned truck Since CSA migrated to the United States in 1986, this model has been remarkably successful. It has now grown to over 6,000 farms. The current state of CSA would look like a huge success from the viewpoint of the CSA pioneers in 1986, however there are problems mounting in our community.

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Will Blue Apron (and other meal kit delivery) replace CSA farms?

Blue Apron logo Have you heard of Blue Apron? While I don't think they will replace CSA farms any time soon, it is a trend that we need to watch.

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Server Issues Recap

SFC logo A recap of recent server issues.

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Getting Hooked on Cooking with CSA

Parsnip Parsley Hash A CSA share offers a plethora of produce every week and with it varieties we may have never seen before, let alone cooked—a delight and a bit of a challenge, for sure.

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