Gorman Farm

The Problem

Gorman Farm started their CSA in 2009 with about 30 members.  At that time they had a thrown together website and were taking CSA signups by having members print out a form and mail in the completed form with a check.  They were managing member data on handmade charts and manually entering information into an Excel spreadsheet.  

“Handling so much paperwork was fairly overwhelming.  We knew we needed to do something better.”

In their second year, Gorman tripled their membership to about 100 members.  Knowing they had a large potential market within the Maryland/DC-area where they were located, they knew that they could continue to expand over the coming years, but needed a more professional website for their business and they needed a better way to manage CSA signups and membership data.

“ Our original website wasn't very good looking and we knew we wanted to find a better way to integrate membership signups onto our website than just a downloadable form.”

Gorman Farm needed a web presence that reflected positively on them and an online CSA-management tool that would efficiently organize their member data.

The SFC Solution:

The Small Farm Central tools are so user friendly.  My staff are able to sign-in to access the data we need.  We can easily make changes to the website, send emails to our members, see what members have outstanding balances and more. Dave Liker, Owner

Gorman Farm chose the combination of Small Farm Central's Site Builder website package and Member Assembler CSA-management software.  This provided them with a clean, professional website that they are able to update themselves that integrates the CSA-management tools they needed.  The Member Assembler tools allow them to easily take member signups online and communicate with their members throughout the year.

I have really liked the evolution of SFC as it has coincided with the evolution of our CSA business. Each farm has a unique workflow and SFC has been there to help us facilitate, make decisions, and implement in a timely manner.  The chat option while working in the control panel is excellent. 

The Result

In 2011, the third year of Gorman's CSA, they once again doubled their membership to around 200 members.  Since then their membership has continued to grow each year with them servicing 500 members in 2016.  Small Farm Central's Member Assembler software has helped make this growth manageable, allowing the Gorman staff to focus more time on growing food and expanding their farm rather than managing member data.

In 2015 we acquired a 2nd farm location. With the new farm and an increase in production coming down the pike - it is great to know that we can increase our markets and still use all the same data management with out re-inventing a wheel or altering the learning curve. Thus staying focused on the production and managment side of running the farm.

Small Farm Central's Site Builder and Member Assembler tools allowed Gorman Farms to leverage technology to take control of their marketing and member management tasks.  By removing a great deal of the paperwork and manual processing, Gorman Farm could feel confident in their member data and that their members or their money wasn't getting lost in the shuffle.  

Member Assembler Can Help Your Farm Too