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Online Sign-up
Customers can sign up for the CSA themselves when you link them to your Member Assembler site, providing a smooth and efficient way for people to sign-up at their convenience. Member Assembler streamlines your office because members are automatically added to mailing lists that you can later email, invoices are automatically created, pickup lists are created, and more. The Member Assembler does all the work so you can concentrate on more important tasks!

Balance Tracking
Stop stressing out about getting paid! Let the Member Assembler take care of knowing which members still owe you for their shares.

Email Integration
Send batch emails to your whole list, single pickups, or single member types. Let Member Assembler follows best practices to ensure best email deliverability.

MailChimp Integration
Sync up your member lists from Member Assembler with MailChimp to take advantage of MailChimp's templates and other features.

Box Builder
Design each week's box for different share sizes with the streamlined box builder. The builder allows the farmer to specify all the products in the box, target a specific value for each box, and then aggregate boxes together along with member number totals for each box to create harvest lists that can be passed to the harvest team.

Searchable pickup locations
When selecting a pickup location in the sign-up process, members can type in their address or zip code to sort pickup locations closest to them. The system never reveals the full address of the pickup location until the member joins to keep the exact location private.

Built by farmers for farmers
We understand CSAs because our lead web developer, Simon, helped run a 130 member CSA in western Colorado. Member Assembler is the software he wanted while struggling to keep everything straight for 130+ families.

Weekly Pickup Reminders
Set up emails that will automatically go out to your customers the day before their pickup so they don't have an excuse for forgetting to pick-up their share!

Payment Processing
Hook up your sign-up process to Paypal or our Automated Scheduled Billing service (see below) for credit card processing of member payments. Alternatively, credit card sign-ups are not required as we also have a invoice-only setting so you can accept checks or other payment types.

Inexpensive payment processing with Dwolla
In addition to our credit card processing options, we offer payments through Dwolla. Dwolla allows customers to make payments using their checking account and the transaction fee is only $0.25 per transaction, rather than the 2-3% charged by credit card processors.

Automated Scheduled Billing
When your customers enter their credit card information, they pay a downpayment and then agree to a pre-defined payment schedule that will pay for the rest of their share. The system will automatically charge the credit card when those pre-approved dates come for completely hands-off billing for you that allows your customers to spread the cost of their share over time. This puts your CSA within the range of more cost-sensitive customers.

Printable Pickup Lists
Print a pickup list that can be used at the CSA pick-up to sign in members each week.

Vacation hold and temporary pickup change tracking
Keep track of when your members are on vacation and if they need to temporarily change their pickup location. These changes will be integrated into your weekly pickup lists.

Excel Data Downloads
Download all of your data to excel spreadsheets for further processing or backups.

Unlimited e-commerce is included as part of Member Assembler. Set up private e-commerce departments to sell extras to your CSA members or public departments to sell to anyone.

A Member Assembler coach
We provide excellent, step-by-step get started guides, a comprehensive knowledge base, and we have developed an intuitive set of tools, but sometimes that is not quite enough. You need help modeling your unique CSA with Member Assembler or just need a little extra confidence to get you started. We expect the beginning phase to be consultative and you can call or email your Member Assembler coach anytime for one-on-one help. Your coach (likely either Lauren, Q or Simon) understands CSAs, knows Member Assembler inside and out, and will help you through all of your questions.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied or convinced that Member Assembler is the right tool for you, cancel your account within 90 days and we'll refund your money.

...and much more
We've spent years continually building and tweaking a tool that saves time, simplifies the sign-up procedure from the member perspective, and generally makes our farmers more productive so they can focus on growing food. We're excited to show you more. Check out one of the live, online demonstrations we run each week, start a free trial, or call us to discuss your specific situation.