Member Assembler Pricing

Pricing for the Member Assembler is based on the number of members in the largest season of your CSA. For example, if you have 250 members in your summer CSA and 50 in your winter CSA, your total cost for that year will be assessed at 250 members. No additional fees are charged for weekly "extra" sales or any sales you put through the ecommerce system.

Contracts are 12-months long and you will be billed once per month for the Member Assembler. Click here for more details on the billing terms.

If you are not completely satisfied or convinced that Member Assembler is the right tool for you, cancel your account within 90 days and we'll refund your money.

We know what it is like to run a CSA, because our founder, Simon, did it himself. Consequently, we price our services as cost-effectively as possible so that you can come out "in the black" at the end of the year. Farmers love our Member Assembler because at 1% or lower of each share price, the cost of the service almost immediately pays back in time saved and lower stress levels.

Plan TitleMax MembersMonthly Cost
The Small Scale50$30 / month
The Joiner100$55 / month
The Organizer150$75 / month
The Boxer250$100 / month
MA-400400$150 / month
MA-600600$250 / month
MA-800800$325 / month
MA-10001000$400 / month
More than 1000More Than 1000 $0.38 / member / month
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