Making Member Assembler Make $$$ & Sense

We would like you to think of the Member Assembler as an investment in your farm and your members. Here are some different ways to think about the cost of the service. At less than 1% of the cost of a CSA membership for most CSAs, we know it's a great value, but you may wonder how to justify the extra expenditure.

Save a Staff Member

The most important thing Member Assembler should do for your farm is improve the efficiency of managing your CSA. Our farmers tell us that Member Assembler does the work that previously took a whole staff member (at least during the busy time of year), so the investment in Member Assembler means you can have one less staff member devoted to CSA data entry and they can do more important work.

Sign up Extra Members

So now you have online sign up; this allows folks signing up for your CSA to do it at their convenience. Making your sign-up process smoother and more flexible makes it more likely that some people will sign-up. One extra person signing up for your CSA simply because it is easier to do pays for a whole year of Member Assembler service.

Sell Items Online

By creating an E-commerce store, you can use the Member Assembler to sell weekly "extra" items to your members and your Member Assembler is paid for.

Charge a Technology Fee

In addition, by using our "Charge/Discount" option, you can add a technology fee to each membership that goes through the system. Whether you decide on $3, $5, or $10, your customers will be happy to pay a few extra dollars for a system that allows them to sign-up online, keep their information secure, and make sure their membership goes smoothly. This technology fee pays for the Member Assembler.

Piece of Mind

Have any problems with your sign up process? Call us or email.. know that Small Farm Central's staff is there to support you. We'll make it right.

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