Farmers Market Preorders

Sell More at Markets

Offer online pre-sales to your customers!

  • Increase single order sales
  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Online sales make it easy on you and the customer

Small Farm Central offers e-commerce tools to subscribers of our Merchant website package and our Member Assembler CSA-management software. E-commerce allows farmers to easily offer online presales at farmer's markets. We provide the technology to make listing, ordering, and reporting on these sales easy. This is the *same* as our normal ecommerce package -- we are just suggesting a way for you to use the existing service.

Use the Small Farm Central control panel to list your products; your customers come to your site to create the order; and when you are ready to pack the boxes, close the online store, print a ready made report that lists the contents of the orders and pack your boxes. Payment processing is your choice -- run customers through an easy-to-use online credit card processor or use your own offline invoice system.

People who work late will thank you ... customers will buy more per-order from your farm because you made it easy... you will thank yourself because you already have sales in hand as you drive to the market.

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Read more about the specifics of creating your store and the ordering process

Blog entry with the whys and hows of online pre-ordering

Experience Says...

"Small Farm Central e-commerce has made it much easier to pre-sell items ahead of our market day. We used to take all orders via emails, which took a lot of our time to sort and figure out, e.g. people usually ask other questions in their emails and then all the orders have to be consolidated. With the SFC website, we decide when the store opens and closes and then get a consolidated report that we hand to the person loading the truck - very nice and very little time." -Patrick, Farm manager, Village Acres Farm

Detailed Questions?

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