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We know your farm budget is tight so we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. We’re confident you will see that our tools pay for themselves by increasing efficiency, improving sales and letting you get back to farming as quickly as possible. If you are not completely satisfied or convinced that our tools are right for you, cancel your account within the first 90 days and we’ll refund 100% of your fees. 

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Our Site Builder includes no upfront costs and all accounts include domain registration,  hosting and customer support.  See the chart below for a breakdown of what feature levels come with each account type.  You can upgrade to the next level as your needs change.  For a full list of features, go here.

All Plans include domain, registration, hosting, full control panel access, and customer support. 

Features Cultivator Merchant Advocate
E-commerce No Yes


Mailing List Recipients 1000 1500 2500
Photos 250 250 Unlimited
Custom Pages 20 20


Upload Files 25MB 25MB 100MB
Price $45/month $75/month $110/month

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Pricing for the Member Assembler is based on the number of members in the largest season of your CSA. Contracts are 12-months long and billed once per month.

Plan Name Monthly Cost Membership Limits
The Small Scale $38/month** 1 to 50 memberships
The Joiner $75/month**

51 to 100 memberships

The Organizer $110/month**

101 to 150 memberships

The Boxer $175/month** 151 to 250 memberships
MA-400 $275/month** 251 to 400 memberships
MA-600 $375/month**

401 to 600 memberships

MA-800 $475/month** 601 to 800 memberships
MA-1000 $575/month** 801 to 1000 memberships
More than 1000

Starts at $0.52/member/month

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1001+ memberships

** Contracts are 12 months long and billing is typically done monthly.  If you would like to pay for a full year in advance, please contact us.  We offer a 10% discount for those paying annually.

Member Assembler Plan FAQs

How are member counts calculated? How does that affect my pricing?

Pricing for the Member Assembler is based on the number of members in the largest season of your CSA. For example, if you have 250 members in your summer CSA and 50 in your winter CSA, your total cost for that year will be assessed at 250 members. No additional fees are charged for weekly "extra" sales or any sales you put through the e-commerce system. 

A membership may have multiple contacts associated with the membership (like in a split share), but that still counts as just one membership. If you have multiple seasons open during the year like a Summer and a Fall season, you pay the amount of your larger season and the Fall season is just included in that price. If you have questions about pricing, let's chat about it during your consult call!

I only do a CSA during one season - can I put my account on hold while I'm not using it?

Member Assembler pricing is based on an annual cost, split into 12-monthly payments. There may be some months of the year that you are not delivering CSA shares, but you are likely accessing data, doing sign-ups, or delivering most months of the year. We bill this way to spread the cost of Member Assembler throughout the whole year, so hopefully this billing method is mutually beneficial to your farm and Small Farm Central.

What if I need to cancel?

The initial contract is for a 12-month subscription and then you may cancel your subscription at any time after that if you need to. If you must cancel your subscription before your first 12 months are over, we charge an early termination fee of three months of service at the time of termination. This protects us in this pricing model because we have spread the cost of the service over 12 months.

However, if the service is not working for you for a technical reason, we may allow account cancellation without instituting the three month penalty on a case-by-case basis. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the service that you receive from Member Assembler

What if I donít know how large my CSA is going to be?

You may upgrade your plan level as you go through the season to 'right size' the Member Assembler in the control panel (Member Assembler / Billing). We allow a 10% cushion on all subscriptions, so a 400 member plan will allow 440 members before Member Assembler asks for an upgrade.

How does Member Assembler compare?

Many other services similar to Member Assembler charge a flat 2% of your CSA income for their services. Member Assembler charges a flat fee based on your member levels. In most cases, Member Assembler fees are below that of our competitors with many of our farms fees accounting for only about 1% of their CSA income.

An example: We have a farm with 544 members for their 2014 Season and their share income is $387,604. If they used one of our competitors, they would pay 2% of that income or $7752. With Member Assembler they would be enrolled in our 600-member level plan at $375/month. This is a total of $4500/year or about 1.2% of their CSA income.

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With Farm Fan, only pay for what you use. Pricing is based on how many FarmFans you have (in other words, how many customers sign up). You are only charged during months when you send messages to your FarmFans, so you pay nothing during the off-season. 

How is the number of FarmFans calculated? You are only charged for "active" FarmFans - those FarmFans who either receive a message or checked in during the previous month. FarmFans who unsubscribe or who are not participating in a particular month are not part of your monthly cost. 


Plan Type Number of FarmFans Monthly Cost
Text Only 100 $35
Text Only 250


Text + Loyalty 500


Text + Loyalty 1000 $299

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Still Have Questions?

Want to learn more about the FarmFan program and how we can help your Farmers Market succeed? Contact us for a free consultation today!

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