Let's Talk: The Web and Farm Marketing

An easy way for you to bring down-to-earth web expertise to your farming conference.

The web is an exciting and confusing place for today's farm direct marketers. Farmers know that there are many ways to market their products using Internet technology, but they need someone to help them separate the passing fads from solid opportunities.

Simon Huntley, lead developer of Small Farm Central, has extensive experience in bridging this divide. From working at ground-level as a farm manager for a 130-member CSA; to running a website and ecommerce service for hundreds of small farms across the country; to developing social networks that model local-food systems, he knows from experience how farmers can use the web to make their farms more profitable.

Simon would love to lead a workshop at your conference on any/all of the following topics.

Topics Covered

  • The basics of getting a farm web presence.
  • Basic web marketing strategies such as keeping a website fresh, information customers are looking for, or pages and keywords that customers expect on every site.
  • Getting a farm website listed on Google and other search engines (see here).
  • Ecommerce solutions and clever strategies to increase local sales with online store technology.
  • Using web analytics technology to analyze web traffic and determine best practices for a particular farmer's customer base (see here and here).
  • Blogging: how and why (see here and here)
  • Writing and sending an email mailing list (see here and here)
  • Basic use of mapping services to create a map to a farm (see here)
  • And more...

For example, a presentation at Eco-farm 2008 in Monterey, California covered many of these topics in varying ranges of depth. Ample questions from the audience determined subjects to be covered in more depth.

See the slides from that conference: Eco-farm 2008 Powerpoint slides

The main point is: using simple tools that do not take too much time or technical skill to learn, farmers can greatly increase their marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Farmers know that it is time to get on the web; they just need someone to help them get there. 

One item to note: these workshops do not center around the products that Small Farm Central provides. Many solutions will be presented, including Small Farm Central; each farmer can decide for themselves which path works for them.

Let's Talk! 

Give Simon a call at 412-567-3864 or email

Said Already...

"Simon’s charismatic style and expert knowledge of internet marketing made him an excellent presenter at the 2008 Ecological Farming Conference. Verbal and written evaluations from the session were great and showed us that there is a significant demand among our audience for this kind of training." -Marcy Coburn, Ecofarm conference organizer 


"Our Central Illinois Farm Beginnings class was interested in learning more about web-marketing and we were fortunate to connect with Small Farm Central. Simon presented an excellent program, providing the class with information and resources about how the internet could be a critical part of their marketing plan." -Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant, University of Illinois Extension