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Here's the Small Farm Central team.

The people who make up our team bring diverse capabilities and expertise, but we all share two important passions: farming and technology. Together, we work to fuse those passions into products molded for farmers just like you.

Simon Huntley, Founder & Developer

Simon grew up on a small farm in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania before pursuing a degree in Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University. Soon after college, Simon helped a long-time western Colorado fruit farmer expand his operation to include vegetable production and a CSA program. The project grew to serve five area farmers markets and a 130-member CSA.

During his tenure at the farm, Simon took advantage of his education in information technology to develop a highly interactive website for the CSA. In retrospect, this website was a prototype for what Small Farm Central would eventually become. After leaving the farm in the Fall of 2006, Simon started Small Farm Central with a core group of 10 farmers from across the country. In four years, Small Farm Central has grown to serve more than 1000 farmers (as of October 2015) across the U.S. and Canada.

Outside of Small Farm Central, Simon is kept active by his two sons, Eliot (age 4) and Theo (age 1). He enjoys food experimentation projects like beer making, fermenting various vegetables, and whatever other challenges come up. The 70 acre family farm is still in the family, so there is a chance of returning to growing food some day!

Staff recipe: Simon's Refried Beans 

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Mike Cuccaro

Mike has been with Small Farm Central since 2011 and, as a long-time CSA member, is happy to be part of the local agriculture movement. Originally from Long Island, he came to Pittsburgh for college and decided to set roots. He is primarily responsible for developments to Member Assembler and consults with farmers to address and manage their unique needs from the software. Prior to SFC, he has been building websites since the late ‘90s. When not working, he spends most of his time with his wife and infant son while occasionally finding time to play music or perform puppet shows.

Staff Recipe: Mike's Desperation Carrot Sauce

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Mike Q Roth

Mike Q Roth was born and raised in Quakertown, PA, but has lived in Pittsburgh since 1996. He spent a great deal of time as kid working on his grandparents' farm picking tomatoes, pulling weeds and other chores. These days he makes the most out of his small plot in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, growing strawberries, raspberries, asparagus and a rotating cast of other veggies. His most recent work experience has been with the Mattress Factory and Red Star Ironworks, where he handled a variety of administrative, financial and project management tasks. When not at work, you can usually find him biking, checking out live music, and cooking.

Staff Recipe: Q's Vegan Mac and Cheese

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Hannah Ridge

A native Pittsburgher, Hannah's first farming experience was on her aunt and uncle's peach orchard in West Virginia, where she spent many summers before college, picking produce, collecting eggs, and helping at the farmers markets. She holds a Master of Arts in Food Studies and in 2013 she co-founded the Ethical Farming Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting sustainable animal farming in Pennsylvania. When she’s not visiting farms or reading about food, Hannah enjoys playing music and being outdoors.

Staff Recipe:  Dante’s Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

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